June 19, 2024

Spending a day aboard a boat is on the bucket list of any holiday goers this summer. With the heatwave hitting Europe and temperatures rising to well over 30°, tourists are trying to get on the water and enjoy the breeze of driving a boat at speed before heading to a secluded bay. Discover with us the finest spots to rent a boat for the day and explore the shores of the most exclusive destinations.


The gem of the Mediterranean is one of the beating hearts of yachting, with a stunning infrastructure and plenty of Monaco bat rental options. Leave the famed Port Hercules and reach the bay of Eze to spend the day in the utmost privacy, surrounded only by superyachts in crystal clear waters. Spending lunch in Anjuna is a must-do, with one the vibrant atmospheres. Heading to the vibrant St Tropez is also an option, reaching the most vibrant spot in the South of France. Meeting with friends from a villa in St Tropez will surely be the perfect occasion to party in one of the multiple beach clubs on Pampelonne beach.

Lake Como

Lake Como needs no introduction. Just a short drive from Milan, the lake is the birthplace of the Iconic Rivas, making their reputation planetary. The Milanese elite favoured the shores of the lake to escape the heat of the city during the warm summer month. Some of the historic villas are now open for tourists to visit while some hotels offer the utmost luxury directly on the shore of the mountain lake. Renting a traditional Italian vessel in the region is a must-do.


The greek island of Mykonos is one of the rising stars for the jet set! Far from its old image of a cheap greek island, the luxurious hotels and villas are now flourishing on the island, with some of the finest parties taking place in the various beach clubs. Scorpios are the most famous of them all, offering unrivalled luxury straight on a prising beach. Renting a boat on the Island allows reaching the most remote bays and creeks without suffering the heat of the transport.

Take the time to book your boat day in advance this summer, as most of the boats in these high-profile hot spots will be booked quickly. Head at sea to enjoy the most exclusive destinations in the utmost privacy and luxury.