June 19, 2024

The modern business world has seen offices of different layouts. It is no longer what we knew — an enclosed room in a tall building with several rows of desks and chairs subdivided into cubicles.

Today, most business owners do not like their offices to be enclosed completely, depending only on the HVAC systems for forced air-conditioning. Some have seen the beauty of making the most of their windows to invite fresh air and let it flow through the workplace. This was made possible by the automation of window openers, especially since natural ventilation is considered an essential element to a healthy indoor air environment. They give off an edge of sophistication over window controls, taking out any hassle of manually opening or closing the windows.

Furthermore, many offices no longer believe or follow the cubicle layout. They embraced the liberty of creating a work environment they knew would boost their productivity the same way they welcomed the convenience of electric window openers. Some even go as crazy as their creative minds could take them, turning their workspaces as unconventional as they could. In this time and age, nothing could say you are doing it wrong just because you are doing it differently. Get a glimpse of some quirky office layouts, and who knows, you might find the inspiration for your new office, whether you intend to revamp an existing one or you are in the market for your first for your startup business.

The open office

Adding divisions and screens are a no-no in an open office concept. Most are glass walls used for spaces where outside noises are unwelcome, such as in the conference room. But for the rest, it’s just open, with lots of natural light and air coming in. The staff may also choose to share a large conference table to place their laptops and work while everyone’s just at bay. Such is an ideal setup for businesses where many impromptu meetings, brainstorming, and collaboration happen.

The library

If most modern companies found the open office concept as a great way to inspire creativity among their employees, some still thrive in the old layout where every team member gets their quiet place. Some people’s nature of work does not need the constant buzz of activity, and this layout is for them. It features individual workstations and a few common areas where employees may gather and spend their time breaking the monotony. It’s also intended for those needing a break from their desks.

The multi-faceted office

In between the open and traditional office layouts are designs created to match the personality of the company and the employees that work for it. You should not be surprised to walk into a workplace with a gym, lab, an artist’s loft, recharge room, and every different kind of space imaginable. Company owners would do anything to harness their employees’ best output.

Office designs have truly evolved to keep up with the changing culture.