June 19, 2024

What does it mean to become a steward of the environment? Global leaders at major corporations are all asking themselves what it takes to become environmental leaders while still adhering to the concept of creating capital for their shareholders. More than just a goal for the environmentalists among us, companies like Keter have grown increasingly close to the ideas of recycling and sustainability.

Keter recently appeared at the Village of Gorcy for the March 18th Global Recycling Day Festivities. The group descended upon the village, which is set against beautiful castles and rolling hills, to share what makes the sustainable company so, well, tolerable.

Let’s dive into the world of sustainability to understand better how it can impact our world while also better understanding the work done by the team of professionals at the Keter Group.

Sustainability on Global Recycling Day

Keter Group was founded in Israel more than 70 years ago, and they’ve been prosperous ever since thanks to a unique approach to sustainable yet high-class products. Keter specializes in home goods that are made out of sustainable resin material, making them both functional and long-lasting while offering recycling benefits to each sale.

The Vice President of Marketing for Keter in Europe is Kerry Murfin, and she was emphatic when discussing the importance of recycling and sustainability as well as how it has been baked into the very business she works for. Murfin stated in an interview about Global Recycling Day, “The Earth is our home and our workplace. We’ve designed all our products to be 100% recyclable (..).”

During their Global Recycling Day festivities in the Village of Gorcy, students attended demonstrations and classes on sustainability as well as the impact a positive stance can have on the world. During the events, students drew pictures to support the initiative, and those were collected to be displayed at the Niederkorn, Luxembourg factory that Keter operates just half an hour away.

Alejandro Pena Extols Corporate Responsibility

Alejandro Pena was brought onto the Keter team to spread Keter into new markets, bringing their offerings throughout North America, Europe, and across Israel. With this focus, Pena has had to remain solid in his commitment to sustainability and environmentalism. For that reason, Keter has focused on building a best-in-class supply chain that innovates both through convenience and sustainability.

Keter currently features dozens of factories that have been scientifically placed to reduce waste, limit fuel costs, and offset transportation expenses. It is Keter’s opinion that corporate entities must increasingly tackle these significant environmental issues to provide a solution to individuals in the future.

In addition to Keter’s work in Gorcy, the team also reached out to cities in Italy, Spain, and Hungary to teach students about sustainability and recycling. One such outreach event included a national campaign by Spain to reduce waste in rivers, lakes, and other water reservoirs. More than 5,000 volunteers showed up to recycle more than 77,250 waste items.