July 19, 2024

Gary McGaghey most recently took on the role of CFO for the production services group at Williams Lea Tag, headlining a valuation north of €1.3bn. Already an experienced professional, Gary McGaghey has delivered essential changes to sectors involving fast-moving consumer goods, pharmacy, media markets, and beverages. Angling to help improve and nurture transformations, McGaghey has developed a reputation as both an innovator and leader in a fast-moving industry. Now, McGaghey is focused on a growth-oriented approach to transformation with Williams Lea Tag.

Developing a Future With Williams Lea Tag

Originally launched as a print shop in London in the 1820s, Williams Lea Tag has evolved into an end-to-end marketing production services group that offers critical services to individuals in the legal, financial, and professional business world. It was in 2011 that William Lea acquired Tag Worldwide and the business has been flourishing since, leading to Gary McGaghey’s hiring as CFO in June 2020.

In his role as CFO, Gary McGaghey manages the financial environment of Williams Lea Tag, formulating growth plans while developing key decisions alongside the financial team at the production group. Accomplishing tasks at Williams Lea Tag involves cost-restructuring, carve-outs, balance-sheet reconfiguring, and even mergers and acquisitions.

Developing into a successful leader at Williams Lea Tag involved developing a transformational approach to building teams. Noting that his role is as much about managing people as it is financial skills, McGaghey has developed a methodical system that accounts for fund allocations, cost efficiency, and optimizing positional success.

Gary McGaghey joined Williams Lea Tag in his first efforts to dive into the world of private equity. McGaghey has spent decades developing a wealth of experience in non-executive and statutory executive director roles to round out his financial skills, bringing them all to offer in the private equity space.

Previous Roles and Career Highlights

Prior to his work with Williams Lea Tag, Gary McGaghey developed his professional career at Unilever from 2002 until 2017. It was during this time that McGaghey would hold multiple roles in several different areas. Among his most notable work, McGaghey led Unilever’s South African division as Group CFO. It was during this time that McGaghey would provide pivotal services to help recover business profitability.

Among the many areas that McGaghey worked during his time with Unilever were:

  • VP of Finance, CFO and COO of Unilever Global Business Services
  • CFO and Statutory Director of Pepsi Lipton International Joint Venture
  • Chairman of the Unilever SA Pension Fund

With many career highlights in his past, McGaghey points to his work integrating Sara Lee and Alberto Culver while undergoing his tenure at Pepsi Lipton Joint Venture.

About Gary McGaghey

Gary McGaghey arrived as the CFO at Williams Lea Tag Group having developed his career in a number of key areas under business leaders. While largely recognized for his expertise in the financial field, McGaghey has spent time doing his due diligence to gain experience in FMCG manufacturing, market strategy, integrated sales, ERP, demand planning, and logistics.

Outside of his work as a leader, McGaghey is an international resident, having lived in the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and South Africa. McGaghey utilizes his international background and cultural diversity.

Gary McGaghey attended and graduated from the University of Natal (South Africa) with his B.A. in Accounting, Auditing, Tax and Finance. McGaghey also graduated from the Financial Times with a Non-Executive Director Diploma.