June 19, 2024

Alejandro Pena is the CEO at Keter Group and one of the instrumental forces behind the company’s push to become more environmentally sustainable and transparent about its goals. Pena has led the company since becoming CEO in 2017, helping usher in further expansion into new markets throughout the West. Helping to build Keter up into a global brand after having been founded in Israel nearly 100 years ago, Pena’s efforts have been instrumental and striking.

Along the way, Alejandro Pena has helped to bring in more clients through his focus on sustainability and transparency, leading to the release of the Keter 2022 Sustainability Report.

Let’s take a closer look at Keter Group, its sustainability efforts, and the outcomes of its most recent report.

2022 Sustainability Report

Alejandro Pena has always believed in the importance of transparency. With the internet helping to usher in the era of information, it has become more and more critical that companies like Keter make their impact apparent and accessible.

Pena pointed to many nameless companies that are exaggerating or falsely making claims about sustainability. Pena stated, “The era of greenwashing will eventually end as consumers become more aware and demand real action.”

The Sustainability Report by Keter published the company’s recent achievements and goals through 2025. Among its most immediate accomplishments, the report touted Keter’s efforts in the following areas

  • Recycled Content Increased From 2021 to 2022
  • 5x Keter Manufacturing Plants Achieved Zero Landfill Waste
  • Keter Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 22% Since 2018

Looking to the future, Alejandro Pena and the Keter team are confident they can continue to make significant changes. Pena stated, “Anyone can dream. At Keter, we dream, then we make.”

For the 2025 Sustainability Report goals, Alejandro Pena and Keter Group hope to accomplish at least a few of the following goals.

  • Increased Recycled Materials Used in Products to 55% by 2025
  • Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 25%
  • Improve Recycled Content Used in Products

Alejandro Pena has always been aware of the climate and the role humans have played in destroying the planet. Pena believes this existential awareness fuels consumers as they focus more on brands that match their views.

Alejandro Pena stated, “Consumers are becoming increasingly worried about the impact of trash that ends up in the ocean. They also favor plant-based and compostable packaging options and are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging.”

Ultimately, Alejandro Pena and the team at Keter Group hope that their efforts are preserved and are mirrored by the rest of the industry. Until then, Pena is happy to see that his clients are picking up on what his company is putting down. Alejandro Pena touted a report from McKinsey & Company, which showed some of his beliefs and their statistical backings.

Pena stated, “It’s encouraging to know that raising awareness is having a lasting, positive effect on the consumer.”