June 19, 2024

The pandemic has rapidly changed how businesses communicate, both internally and with their customers. Working from home became much more common, the use of video calling platforms increased significantly and social media became one of the most useful channels for businesses to get their message heard.

In 2022, businesses are more connected than ever. However, unless you’re communicating effectively, you could be falling behind in the rise of fast-paced technology. Here are 6 business communication trends your company should embrace in 2022.

Remote working is likely to continue

Though restrictions and infections are lessening, Covid has changed the way we work- likely forever. As many businesses return to normal, many are deciding that remote working will continue in their practices.

Companies are looking to keep their employees working fully remotely, whilst some are introducing hybrid working styles. 83% of workers agree that they prefer hybrid models of working, and that it has increased productivity for them.

Communications are becoming increasingly unified

With significant numbers of the workforce choosing to work from home, businesses have had to adapt their communication programs and channels to cope with this change.

Having effective, streamlined and unified communications is invaluable to your company. With so many businesses utilising chat apps, video calling software and newer forms of communication, having them linked together so that nothing is lost is important.

Businesses are looking for programs that allow their software to work together, and some are looking for companies to create them their own personal software.

Collaboration apps are rising in popularity

Another direct influence of working from home, collaboration apps are rising in popularity. Collaboration allows businesses to increase their creativity and productivity, when everyone is working remotely, this could be considered a challenge.

This is where collaboration apps such as Google Workspace, Dropbox Business and Microsoft Teams step in. Programs such as these allow for real-time contribution from employees, and have many features such as video calling, chat messages and online storage.

Cloud-based and online storage are becoming invaluable

When 64% of companies worldwide have been the victim of some form of cyber-attack, and a new one happens every 39 seconds, it’s imperative that businesses are on top of their cyber security.

Data protection and recovery is a huge part of cyber-threats, as increasing amounts of attacks are wiping companies’ data completely, instead of just corrupting it. This is why more businesses are choosing to store their data in the cloud and why many are working with cyber security consultants to improve processes and test their resilience.

Programs like The Cloud and Google Drive allow for easy access to data for employees and are a backup in case businesses’ systems go down or get attacked.

Robust mobile devices are needed

Some businesses may encourage their employees to use a work phone so they can be contacted, but in 2022 things are taking a step further.

Having a smartphone not only allows employees to be contacted, it allows them to work from anywhere, at anytime. Employees enjoy using their own devices, and having a phone is quick access to the company’s system whenever inspiration strikes.

New phones such as iPhones and Google phones are built to be work phones. They allow access to work files, online collaboration programs and apps such as video calling.

Instant messaging and social media for instantaneous communication

There are over 4.5 billion social media users worldwide last year, which is a huge market for your business. Alongside this, it’s a huge opportunity for your business communication.

Many customers like to browse business’s products on social media before they buy them, and they also like to examine the business itself. Social media allows for communication with your customers, that everyone can see.

Communicating effectively and creating a positive social profile for yourself can boost your reputation, and boost your sales.